A Multi-Branded boutique created by Liza Illana Lopez as well with her own creation & designs.

A native of Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) born in 1984. Having living in many countries including Cuba, she stabilized in Catalonia to pursue her fashion career at the age of nineteen. 

Liza Illana Lopez studied Fashion Design together with a Masters Degree in Brand Management and Graphic Design.

In 2011 she decided to create her own brand which is where LILCOLLECTION was born in the heart of Barcelona. Soon after, she displayed her first collection in the Fitting Room Barcelona and The Brandery (080 Barcelona Fashion Week) and also in her native country of Curacao during the first Curacao Fashion Week.


Her live soon turned around after marrying and having children with the unfortunate diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, causing her to stop all of her dreams for several years.


But everything changed one day when she decided that she needed to step up and show what she was still capable of doing and proof that there is life with Multiple Sclerosis.

In October of 2020, Liza inaugurated the LILCOLLECTION boutique with the statement ¨Lets make LILCOLLECTION better again¨, by making it stronger pushing the brand to engage and experiment with what lies in the future. Providing and proving our costumers with something that resembles the physical experience they enjoy.


LILCOLLECTION´s mission is for our costumers to raise the bar for creativity, flair and imagination.
Thats why it has jumped started the brand returning to the fundamental fashion principles, like simple, beautiful and unique pieces for those who are not only strong but, a daring, normal, sexy yet elegant, an everyday woman, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, student, married or single and for those who are not afraid. LILCOLLECTION wants to project the best version of making a statement.


Liza believes that behind LILCOLLECTION lies one of you, a unique one of a kind!


We are here to help you feel good and confortable and experience the power of a woman that is her true self. We will work from LILCOLLECTION to bring you the best trends and looks, making you feel 100% you.


Our physical store is located in the heart of the warm and beautiful small town in Catalonia called Olot. Come and enjoy the experience of our store, we will make sure you feel warm and at home.


But we also want to welcome you with arms wide open to the online store and experience the same feeling as it does in the actual boutique.